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Club Volunteers Show True Spirit

Club Volunteers Show True Spirit

The Rollersports Club suffered dramatically again in the aftermath of the Cyclone and king tides that have devastated areas of New Zealand this week, including New Plymouth.

Club members have been truly amazing and showed great teamwork and spirit coming together, giving their time to the massive cleanup to ensure the skating rink is once again functional and providing a venue to members and public.

While some areas of clean up still need to be completed over the weekend, the speedy response from member volunteers has been incredible. The flooding was heartbreaking to witness after going through a similar issue in the middle of 2017 and believing the cause had been remedied. 

The club executive sincerely thank every one of you for your part in helping cleaning and drying out the venue to ensure continued usage.

Apologies to the public session skaters who normally attend on Fridays,  the rink should be good to go very soon and open for Public sessions on Friday Feb 10. 

With the skate season in start up mode, flooding has had some impact, but quick action by our club members and volunteers has minimised the down time. As a club we are truly grateful.