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Development Camp Change

Posted April 05, 2019
Inline Hockey

Development Camp Change

Today, April 5, Ravens Inline Hockey have notified all participants registered for the Development camp and coaching workshops that the event has been postponed until July.

Poster Update here

The club have had an application being processed to allow Michael to enter New Zealand on a special purpose coaching work visa.  Unfortunately this will not be processed in time to allow for the dates we had initially scheduled.

Michael’s qualifications are without a doubt extremely impressive and he will bring a much needed injection of expertise to our sport. The club’s strategic purpose is to develop junior players and parent coaches alongside all players and coaches interested in progressing our emerging sport.

Logistics to set up dates where expertise can be made available to a wider player base dictates that we look at school holidays as a “best option”. Unfortunately April did not allow enough time for processing. 

Fortunately Michael is available to travel to coincide with the second week of the July school holidays, allowing more time to complete the visa process.

The club will provide more details shortly, related to the camps and workshops, however in brief planning is now underway to have him here to mentor during the “School”s Out Junior tournament the club have hosted for in July for some years. The tournament will be followed by the camp and workshops.