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Kings Birthday Tournament - after the weekend

Posted June 06, 2023
Inline Hockey

Kings Birthday Tournament - after the  weekend

The 19th Long Weekend Tournament hosted by Ravens Inline Hockey experienced some amazing hockey this year.

The 2023 event medals were re-named from  1st/2nd/3rd due to getting caught twice over the last 3 years with dated awards we were unable to use. Platinum Medals were ordered with specific ribbons for each winning division.

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • FairPlay 

to reflect a new era in our sport, and exciting growth and to acknowledge all players and their quest for development and commitment.

The weekend schedule was tight, with little time for anything else , warm ups were achieved on the smaller rink and we lost very little time over the whole weekend. There were 63 games to fit into the 3-day event covering the 16 & Under grade, Senior Women, Senior and Premier. The Premier games were part of the national premier league with Round Two being held in New Plymouth.

We were exited to be able to offer a special winner’s p

rize to the winning premier team overall, with Revision Hockey coming on board to assist with a set of wheels for each team member.

The access to GAMESHEET was an added bonus, running a trial over the weekend to evaluate this process. GAMESHEET proved to be a valuable asset to the scorebench, given it was a first time use, the system was easy to use, and produced live scoring, statistics for all players and stanfings fron each team and division. Scoresheets will also  be emailed to their respective clubs for distribution. These have now been downloaded. We hope to continue using GAMESHEET, team officials will be able to access their own team data and as we learn more about the functionality we hope to be able to extend GAMESHEET for all games.

The results can be sorted by clicking on team names/ divisions player names for more information.

Hamilton Devils used Gamesheet as well this year - the event results are here

The Results for Ravens KBT