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The Hunt is Over DownUnder

Posted July 20, 2019
Inline Hockey

The Hunt is Over DownUnder

The Hunt is Over DownUnder

What an amazing past nine days experienced by the local Ravens players and the visiting players and coaches from around the North Island with a special mention to the Under 10 Whalers who attended the junior “School’s Out” recently.

The arrival of “the coach”, Mike  and Milly Hunt and  a day later his brother who took the opportunity to visit from Australia has been an experience for all involved. 

The observations at the junior tournament provided  the coach with an insight into the way our players play the game leading to a focus for the five day camp that followed. Players, goalies and coaches participating will have all experienced an extended series of development skills and tools along with coaching methods to build on in their own game, within their own teams and clubs.

There are many club members to thank, the Krutz family for opening their home, Taranaki Futures for providing a vehicle, club members for assisting on a day to day basis, the Masters team members for providing “social” activity during down time and a huge thanks to all the participants who spent a large number of hours on the rink over the week,