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IHNZ Nationals Information Releases

Posted September 06, 2018
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The IHNZ Board have released a draft Championship Programme today.

The New Plymouth Club teams have been selected and notified on Facebook. IHNZ have also been notified of all team entries and Team Managers are now required to complete the entry form.

New Plymouth will enter Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16, Senior Women, Junior Women, Senior Men and Masters 35+.

Draft Schedule (released Sept 6)
Club Team Entry Form

The following notes have also been circulated to clubs:

Please find attached both an Entry Form and a Draft Draw for the Nationals Championship.

Entry Form - If we could ask that this is filled in and completed, and returned no later than Friday 14th of September.

Clubs entering Masters Teams - if your Club is entering a Masters Team please could you just re-confirm this with me ASAP.

Draft Draw - Please find attached a Draft Draw as an indication of expected games, and please familiarise yourself with the Special Notes section below in relation to this Draft Draw.

Special Notes:

  • 50 minutes is allowed for each games so 20 minute run time periods will be played. The last 2 minutes will be played stop time if the teams are within 1 goal.
  • Games can run up to 15 minutes early - so teams need to be prepared.
  • We will need to use the small rink to warm up the teams with a “no puck” warm up of 1 minute on the main rink. For senior, u19, Masters, Prem games they may be permitted a 2 minute puck warm up IF AND ONLY IF we are running at least 10 minutes ahead of schedule. The referees and score bench will determine if we are ahead of schedule or not.
  • Selected final games highlighted labelled Final (ST) to played using stop time.
  • The Prem and Senior women finals will be played on Sunday morning to allow for the extra Prem teams from the indicated numbers provided. This is different to the blocking release.