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Public Skate Sessions - CURRENTLY ON HOLD

26 June 2020 - 04 September 2020

NOTE: This event is dated in the PAST.
For repeating events new dates will be posted once confirmed.

Public Skate Sessions - CURRENTLY ON HOLD

Venue: East End Reserve Skating Rink

Times: every Friday night

Public skating will resume on June 26 at the Club owned skating rink at East End Reserve.
There are changes to the entry price structure. The change has been notified to our Skate Sport Facebook. The entry fee to the venue is now $10 per skater. Skates are still available for free nd  as required on a first in first serve basis.

Please remember to wash your hands as often as necessary and Do NOT ENTER the venue if you are unwell. You will be asked to leave if any flu like symptoms are observed.

The club have the government recommended contact venue tracing in place now we have moved to Level 1. You will require the google or apple app on you phone to scan if you wish to keep you own personal diary of your wherabouts. 

The skates are past their “Use by” date and require urgent replacemnt. The club are not in a position to fund this and have increeased the entry fee to fundraise specifically to replace skate stock. 200 pairs of skates are required over all size ranges and both quads and inlines. 
We are seeking $35,000 before we can place an order.

There will be some options for a family concession, these will be advised at the venue.

Skate times remain the same, Session 1 is 5pm - 6.30 and Session 2 is 6pm - 9pm

Please note that the club is fully “staffed” by volunteers - there are no paid staff, funds raised are specifically for replacment skates or maintenance of the building.