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Posted August 11, 2020
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Due to the NZ Governemnt announcing alert Level 2 will come into force as of Wednesday August 12, 2020  (for the rest of New Zealand excluding Auckland who will move to Level 3) while an incidence of Covid-19 community transmission is further investigated the following measures have been taken by the New Plymouth Roller Sports Club in the best interest of public safety.


More detailed Level 2 Restrictions
can be found on the Covid-19 website - here

Personal movement

At Alert Level 2, you can leave home, but you should follow public health measures and consider others around you.

Physical distancing

Keep your distance when out and about:

  • 2 metres in public and in retail stores, like supermarkets and clothes shops.
  • 1 metre in most other environments like workplaces, cafes, restaurants, and gyms.


At Alert Levels 2 the risk of COVID-19 being present in the community is higher. You should wear masks in situations where physical distancing is not possible, like on public transport or in shops.

Gatherings, events, and public venues

Events at home and outside of your home can have up to 100 people:

  • weddings
  • family events
  • religious services
  • funerals and tangihanga
  • private functions, like a birthday at a hired premises.

Play it safe — keep surfaces clean, wash your hands, and maintain safe physical distancing where possible.

A person in charge of a social gathering, should ensure records are kept for contact tracing purposes, except where every person in a gathering knows each other. This includes in your home, community hall, or other space.

You should not participate in any gatherings if you have COVID-19 symptoms or if you need to be in isolation for any reason.

Public venues

Many public venues can open at Alert Level 2. This includes:

  • museums and libraries
  • cinemas
  • restaurants, cafes and bars.

All public venues should keep records to enable contact tracing.

Exercise, sport and recreation

You can do your usual exercise and recreation activities, provided you can do them safely.

This includes activities that were restricted previously, including:

  • walking, biking and hunting on public conservation land
  • swimming at a public swimming pool, but there will be restrictions
  • going to the gym, but there will be restrictions
  • boating and motorised watersports.

Community sports are limited to groups of 100 in a defined space. A sports field can have multiple defined spaces by keeping:

  • people in groups of up to 100
  • groups separate either through consistent 2m physical distancing when outdoors or barriers.

These groups are prevented from intermingling or sharing common facilities at the same time.