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Posted May 31, 2020
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The past three months have affected us all in many ways,

The club sincerely hopes you have progressed through the lockdown levels safely. For some the impact may have caused stress and uncertainty, we hope with the  move to lessening lockdown restrictions that lives can recover and activities can resume.

On June 1st, the club will open to members only. Restrictions are still in place, gathering currently allows up to 100 in a community sporting activity.

The New Plymouth Roller Sports Club have been cautiously putting health and safety protocols (link) in place to allow its members to return to training in June.

There are still restrictions;

Most Important: If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, are unwell, have a fever or have been in contact with anyone with any symptoms - DO NOT ENTER THE VENUE  and seek medical advice.

  1. The club will ONLY be using the IDME Tracing process
  2. Every person who enters the club venue MUST have a IDME QR Code
  3.  The Venue has an IDME code assigned to each rink. Either code may be used to “check in” after clicking the “Manual Log in” on your QR Code.
  4. The process once pre-loaded  and used once takes “seconds” to use
  5. All people entering the venue once checked in, must also sanitise using the club installed hand sanitiser.
  6. It is also recommended on departure you “check in” again to provide us with a departure time on database.
  7. Each group using the rink must wipe down “touched” areas before the next group (instructions at rink)
  8. There is no group gathering or socialising at the rink apart from training.
  9. Changing rooms are allocated for each group as per schedule
  10. You must bring your own drink bottle

It is hoped that by the end of June restrictions may be relaxed more, however, currently it is a condition of entry that entry to the venue requires your compliance with the processes in place.

The club thank you all for your patience and assistance to keep everyone safe.