Roller Derby

Roller derby is a contact sport played on quad skates. It's one of the fastest growing women's sports around, played by a large number of amateur leagues worldwide.

Two teams of five members skate in the same direction around a track.  Each team designates a scoring player (the 'jammer') who scores point by lapping members of the opposing team.  The teams try to assist their own jammer while trying to prevent the opposing jammer getting through.

Taranaki Roller Corps

Roller Derby League Team

Taranaki Roller Corps is the official roller derby branch of the New Plymouth Roller Sports Club. Since forming in 2008 we have grown to a regularly competing league of over 25 men and women, with new members joining all the time.

Taranaki Roller Corps Logo

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We are always open to anyone wanting to come along and give roller derby a go.  Join our training programme that caters for all skill levels.

See photos and find out full details about Roller Derby on the Taranaki Roller Corps website or our Facebook page.

Roller Derby